Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 Suggestion On Ways To Enhance Your Sales Conversion Rate

Lots of webmasters focus on SEO and improving visitor counts. Few people however actually take the time to analyze their current visitors and understand their behavior. Seeing how customers spend time on your website by looking at their visited pages looking at can be very enlightening. This is key information for any website owner, and can be used to create a powerful sales strategy. 

Videos are proven to be the most effective method of catching the attention of your audience. This is key in order to convert your site visitors into customers. Using images and texts are no longer effective as it was 10 years ago. People are lazy nowadays and want information delivered to them instantly. If your visitors don't understand why your services or products are superior than your competitors, there is no reason for them to pay you. 

If you are interested in a new type of website video, check out for a video spokesperson. They provide high quality videos for your pages. A website spokesperson can immediately grab your visitors’ attention and inform, guide, explain and build trust with your audience. One study showed that a video spokesperson improved conversion ratesby atleast 15%. 

Choosing the right online spokesperson company is crucial to your success. Here are points to consider. Least important of all is price. We have tried cheap providers in the past and the quality is just incomparable with the top companies. What is important to consider is how easy their software can get integrated onto your CMS. Video variations should be the next important thing to consider. There are many services that allow you to play a different video at different times of the day, on different days of the week. 

A reputable spokesperson company can provide you with the quality actor you need to represent your website. On sites like Fiverr, this will not be possible. Fiverr is great for anyone first getting into internet marketing, but anyone with an established website will find the quality to be below par. One of the best features of the best softwares are that you can play a customized message based on when your user is visiting your site. A reputable company like, or will ensure that you have the best talent representing your brand.

Tweople is the world's leading company for video spokespeople. They can help put you into a video online, or if you prefer, find a professional actor to represent your brand. Get your hands on this tool now to start increasing your sales. Most successful businesses are converting traffic at about 16%. If you're not there yet, then you need to focus more on how to increase your sales. Contact to turn your existing visitors today into valued customers.